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Tyre Pressure Checks

Here at AJS Tyres we understand the importance of checking your tyre pressure, we are more than happy to check them for you FREE of charge and as we are situated between Reigate and Kingswood in Surrey just off the A217 700 meters north of J8 of the M25 with very easy access even if you have a trailer or caravan just pop in.

When you keep your tyre pressures at the correct psi/bar, you will save money on fuel consumption as there will be less drag and lower the C02 Emissions.

An under inflated tyre will overheat and wear out more quickly, this also upsets the general driving and steering of your vehicle. Also over inflated tyres will increase tyre wear and reduce grip in some situations. If you run your tyres pressures say by -20% you can loose 20% of the tyres life which I am sure you will agree is going to be very costly.

Tyres will slowly loose pressure over a period of time with some loosing about 1psi (0.076 bar) per month, it's very important to not only check you tyre pressures but also before you drive off do a quick walk round to see if you have a flat or soft tyre at the same time look to see if there is anything stuck in the tyre, and at AJS Tyres we recommend checking about once a month and always before a long trip. We are more than happy to do this FREE of charge.

Tyre pressure is best checked when the tyres are cold so sometimes this is not possible, warm or hot tyre pressure can increase by 4 - 5psi (0.3 bar) so never lower the pressure whgen checking warm or hot tyres. 

If you have any questions plaes call and we will be happy to help.

A correctly inflated tyre improves safety, is more economical in use and better for the environment.  



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