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The dangers of part worn tyres

AJS Tyres request you take a few moments to watch this film about the dangers of Part Worn Tyres, they do have the potential to Kill. That does sound like a very strong statement but why take the chance with part worn tyres when new tyres can work out cheaper and are for sure a lot safer. Tyres are still the cheapest thing you will fit on your car especially when you compare the cost of tyres to the cost of fuel. There are enough dangers on our roads today without adding to them.

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Part-worn tyre warning taken from "The Telegraph"   19/03/2014

Buying part-worn tyres might look like a cheaper option, but the stats suggest it's a false economy 

If you buy part-worn tyres for your car you’re not necessarily saving yourself any money.

According to one tyre safety organisation, more than four million drivers a year are buying tyres that have been previously used on another vehicle, and one in six motorists has bought part-worn items at some point in their driving life.

On top of the safety implications, TyreSafe claims buying part-worn tyres isn’t necessarily cheaper. Here’s why. A typical part-worn tyre will have about 3mm of tread. Considering the legal minimum is 1.6mm, that part-worn tyre will only have about 1.4mm of usable tread, meaning 4,000 miles or so of motoring.

A new tyre usually has 8mm of tread – that’s 6.4mm of legal tread, or 18,000 miles of driving.

With all that in mind, TyreSafe estimates that part-worn tyres could cost about £6.33 per millimetre of usable tread compared with just £5.32 per millimetre for a new set. 

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